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Old SodaStream Models

Vivez de façon durable en réduisant les déchets en plastique à usage unique.

Stay hydrated Stay hydrated

Dégustez de l’eau pétillante fraîche comme vous l'aimez.

Say goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles. Say goodbye to carrying heavy plastic bottles.

Dites adieu au transport de lourdes bouteilles de plastique.

Our Pro Tip: Our Pro Tip:

Créez des boissons gazeuses, des cocktails et autres boissons saines et délicieuses.

Why SodaStream is The Best Sparkling Water Maker On the Market

Older SodaStream Models

Welcome to our comprehensive list of old SodaStream models, where you'll find detailed information on various older SodaStream models that have stood the test of time. These classic sparkling water makers, including popular models like the SodaStream Jet, Genesis, Crystal, and One Touch, are known for their reliability. Our selection features timeless models with unique features that cater to different preferences and needs.

Whether you're a long-time SodaStream enthusiast or just beginning your journey into home carbonation, this list is for exploring the rich history and enduring quality of older SodaStream models and a great chance to discover newer Models. Discover these iconic sparkling water makers' charm and functionality and find the perfect kitchen addition.