Exchange and Refill Your CO2 Cylinders

Refilling your cylinders, whether online or in-store, is the most cost-efficient and sustainable way to bubble.

With every exchange, your empties must pass SodaStream's Triple Quality Control - a rigorous sterilization and inspection process - before they’re refilled with fresh dietary-grade CO2.

By reusing cylinders, you contribute to keeping our planet clean, save money, and enjoy knowing that your SodaStream CO2 cylinder is the best and safest choice for your family.

SodaStream CO2 cylinder is the best and safest choice for your family


Why SodaStream CO2 cylinders?

  • Designed specifically for your sparkling water maker, they fit your machine perfectly, ensuring better carbonation and maximum cylinder efficiency
  • Filled with high-quality, food grade CO2
  • Perfect condition – every time you exchange your empty cylinder it undergoes a Triple Quality Control process during which it’s inspected, sterilized, and filled with fresh CO2
  • Safety – every one of your cylinders is made of the highest-grade brass and aluminum. Of over 70M cylinders produced, no cylinder has ever failed. Now, that’s something to feel safe about!

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Exchanging In-store

Need to run out to get a full cylinder immediately? There is a location near you!


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Not sure if you’re running low on gas?

Here is how to tell when it’s time to order an exchange


Common Questions:

1. How do I install the carbonating cylinder in my sparkling water maker? Installing your carbonating cylinder is easy! Check out the Step-by-step Guide

2. How often will I need to replace my carbonating cylinder? Your carbonating cylinder will, on average, make up to 60L of sparkling water. However, how frequently you need to replace your carbonating cylinder will vary according to the level of carbonation you use. Generally, a cylinder will last you anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. 

3. What's the difference between an exchange and a backup carbonating cylinders? Exchanges replace your empty cylinders with full ones. You will want to order an exchange as soon as you notice that your cylinder is out of gas. 

Backup cylinders are there so you always have a full one at home and can quickly swap out as soon as your current one runs out of gas. We recommend having at least one back up cylinder on hand at all times. 

Help! I can’t find my return shipping label. No problem! Our Sparkle Support Team will be happy to help. 


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