A Guide to Spare Co2 Cylinders

Keep a spare cylinder and never run out of bubbles. Each cylinder makes up to 60L* of sparkling water.​

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Our Pro Tip:

Never run out of bubbles! Keep 3 cylinders at home and refill 2 at a time to save on shipping! ​

Get a spare


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What is the difference between the Return & Redeem and the in-store exchange?

In-store, when you bring in your used CO2 cylinder, you can exchange it for a full one, paying only for the price of gas.

With our online Return & Redeem, your cylinders will be picked up from your home. You will receive a digital coupon code for a minimum of $30 off for 2 cylinders, (+ an additional $15 per returned cylinder above 2) that you can use on Sodastream.ca. You can apply this coupon code to: the purchase of a new CO2 cylinder, flavours, a new Sparkling Water Maker or accessories.

How often will I need to replace my CO2 cylinder?

Our 60L cylinders will on average make up to 60 liters of sparkling water, but there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. That's what makes SodaStream so unique!

How frequently you need to replace your carbonating cylinder depends on the level of carbonation you use. If you find yourself replacing gas more than you'd like to, try reducing the number of times you push the carbonating button per use, and use firm 1-2 second pushes each time.

How do I know if my CO2 cylinder is out of gas?

There are some tests you can try to help determine if your CO2 cylinder is out of gas:

  • Make sure the carbonating cylinder is tight enough and retighten it if necessary by twisting the cylinder to the right.
  • If you're still not getting bubbles and if you don't hear a sputtering sound when you press the carbonating button*, you may be out of gas.
  • You can get a new cylinder through our Return & Redeem program or at a participating retail location.
*In 2020, we upgraded the Crytal Sparkling Water Maker with a new, silent valve. In these Sparkling Water Makers, it is normal to not hear a sputtering sound and is not an indication of the amount of CO2 left in the cylinder.
Why do we recommend that you always have more than one cylinder?
We recommend keeping a spare carbonating cylinder handy so that when one CO2 cylinder runs out, you simply swap the used cylinder for a full one. That way, you'll keep enjoying fresh, fizzy drinks without interruption. You can exchange the used carbonator via courier service or in a store near you. Click here to purchase a spare cylinder.