Limoncello Lemongrass Fizz


  • SodaStream Sparkling Water
  • 45ml Limoncello
  • 45ml Rum
  • 45ml Coconut Water
  • 30ml Lemon Juice
  • 1 Lemongrass Root, finely chopped
  • Lemongrass Stalk and Edible Salad Leaf to garnish
  • Ice, to shake and serve


  • Fizz cold fresh water with SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker.
  • Fill a cocktail shaker with half a cup of ice
  • Add limoncello, rum, coconut water, lemon juice and chopped lemongrass to the cocktail shaker
  • Shake vigorously for a minute until the lemongrass has infused with the drink
  • Fill a 300ml capacity tall glass with half a cup of ice
  • Top up with SodaStream sparkling water and garnish with a lemongrass stalk and edible salad leaf. Serve immediately